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Development of interior and exterior vehicles



Integrated development of vehicle`s interior and exterior:


Driving cabs for locomotive, tram, bus, agricultural machinery,
trucks, cars and etc;

Drivers desks;

Passenger cabins for trains, trams, bus and ect;

Interior of ancillary facilities: vestibule, coupe conductor, WC



Industrial design



Concept development of new products or the improvement of existing qualities, based on advanced trends in world industrial design, with the participation of experienced technologists and designers.

Due to cooperation with the customer, provide the embodiment of the idea and creative plan in reality.




Development of products from polymer materials



Development of products using polymer materials:


▪ composite materials;

▪ products manufactured by vacuum molding of PVC plastic sheets,
ABS, polycarbonate and etc;

▪ products manufactured by injection molding.




3D scanning



Reverse engineering of complex shapes that are difficult to measure by standard means.

By means of 3-d scan can be recreate quickly and quality the most accurate model of the object.

Our equipment allows to scan a wide range of physical sizes of objects - from jewelry to the person or the vehicle.

at our's disposal fast and exact 3d scanner, which due to the principle of the structured sublight of a 3D model allows to scan safely.


3-D scanning products, receiving model in the STL,
PLY, OBJ formats;

conversion of the scanned model to STEP for later
processing in CAD systems.



Prototype products development



Building 3D models of products:


on full-scale specimens of the product;

on the design documentation;

on sketches.




Tooling design



Our experts have extensive experience in designing tooling required for the production of products from polymer materials. 

We develop tools for the following technologies:


manufacturing fiberglass products using manual lamination;

vacuum forming of plastic sheets;

injection molding.




Development of design and technical documentation



Development and agreement of documents:


design documentation

technical requirements for the development;

technical task;

technical specifications;

passport products;

user guide;

program and methods of product testing.




Project`s author supervision



After commissioning of the project we render to the customer consulting services at all stages of product lifecycle

By agreement with the customer we can take part in production of prototypes of products.


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